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October Virtual

October 1 October 15

The way our virtual events work this season would take the following steps:

  1. Register on 8count.
  2. We will confirm a day/time with you for your recordings between the 1st day of the virtual event month the 15th of the virtual event month (i.e. February 1-15th)
  3. At that scheduled day/time, you’ll receive a password that will be shown at the beginning of the recording. You would do this for each of your teams.
  4. Write the password down, show it at the beginning of the recording, perform your routine, and upload the recording to a shared folder within 10 minutes of getting the password. We share the folder in advance so you can test upload speeds and make sure you’re familiar with the process before the “time” comes. You (and everyone else) get one chance to record the routine.
  5. All the virtual team recordings will be compiled and our panel of judges will judge all the teams on the same day, like a normal in-person event. All coaches will have access to the videos so they can watch that day as well to see what the competition was like.
  6. If there are any legalities called or difficulty scores appear incorrect, you will get a set time to challenge (like an in-person event). That challenge will be reviewed and responded via email. If further details are needed it will either be discussed via phone or video call.
  7. We will do a virtual award session via Facebook Live to announce the team placements at a scheduled day/time following the close of the event.

Prior to recording, we will provide some details to make for a successful recording and would welcome the opportunity to do a preview prior to recording to make sure that lighting is right, sound is far enough away that it sounds ok in the recording, and share any advice we may have to make the recording successful.

Virtual Event