Maximum Cheer



Whether you have one team or one hundred, we want you to be successful!

Catered Coaches Room

We know you need more then a cookie and a soda to be your best all day long!

Clear Communication

Preliminary schedules sent 30 days prior, 24 hour turn around time, and more from our team to make sure you're confident going into the weekend.

Qualified Judges

Building consistency and quality on the stand through certified trainings.

Quality Prizes

Our champions take home rings, jackets, bags, and more!

Memorable Experience

From check in to awards, we aim to create positive memories for your team.

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Crafting Moments, Shaping Memories

Our Story

Welcome to Maximum Cheer: Your Premier All-Star Experience!

At Maximum, we’re more than just an event producer—we’re your community. Founded in January 2017 as an Independent Event Producer (IEP), we’ve since blossomed into a nationwide force, hosting events in 27 states and serving customers from over 40 different states and provinces.

Our mission? To create unforgettable, high-quality cheer and dance events where every program and athlete feels at home.

Here’s what sets us apart:

At Maximum, our compass always points toward quality. Every decision we make revolves around our core purpose: ensuring that all athletes and programs belong. We’re not just about revenue; we’re about creating an environment where passion and performance thrive.

We know our coaches by name, and we’re eager to learn yours too. Your feedback matters to us—we’re constantly striving to improve and better serve your gym. Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or fan, you’re part of our extended cheerleading family.

Maximum events run like clockwork. We respect your time and commitment, ensuring that our competitions start promptly and proceed smoothly. Plus, we’re committed to creating an unforgettable experience for everyone attending—athletes, coaches, and fans alike.

We’re passionate about the all-star cheerleading industry. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to foster viable and successful independent options for gym owners and athletes. When you choose Maximum, you’re choosing growth and empowerment.

Join us at Maximum, where the spirit of cheerleading and dance come alive, and excellence knows no bounds. Let’s elevate the industry together!

Our Bid Partners

Our Competition Brands

Our flagship brand, Maximum, combines skill, athleticism, and inclusivity. From our classic events that showcase hard work and dedication to our Madness events with world-class choreographers, we’re all about celebrating cheerleading. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newcomer, join us for unforgettable experiences that push boundaries. 

At MaXout, we’re not just part of the cheerleading industry; we’re reshaping it. Our Masquerade events bring teams together in matching, black practice sets. Judges focus solely on skill, and these events also open doors for college recruitment. Meanwhile, our Kaua events blend tradition with spirited competition over two days, celebrating the heart and soul of cheerleading with a Hawaiian theme. 

Allstar Showdown
: Where Champions Rise! Our two-day events are the heartbeat of cheerleading. Picture dazzling lights, electrifying music, and athletes taking center stage. We celebrate every participant with thoughtful gifts. While providing a catered, safe space for coaches to unwind, recharge, and review their routines. Prizes and banners symbolize all the hard work and triumph that hits the mat.

Our Team

When she’s not working, Chelsie enjoys trying new recipes, spending time with her family, and exploring.

Erin loves coffee in the mornings, relaxing with a coke zero and a book, binge watching a good tv series or doing anything outside!

When he’s not working, Justin loves to spend time with his wife and daughter – exploring libraries, museums or having movie nights.

Karly likes spending time with her husband, family and friends, watching her baby boy explore the world, baking new things, and visiting the local winery.

When she’s not working, Lauren loves to go hiking with her dogs and fiancé, going to visit friends, and going on unique adventures wherever she can find them.

Outside of work Pete enjoys building and fixing things around the house, Spending time with his wonderful, amazing, beautiful wife, and once a year participating in The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Ryan loves to travel. Eating and drinking their way through new places with his family while learning about new cultures and creating lasting memories with those experiences.

Ryan is currently serving as Chairperson for the Cheer and Dance Industry Professionals (CDIP)

When she’s not working, Sarah enjoys reading, trying new restaurants, & spending time in the sunshine!

Schyler loves going on spontaneous adventures, Saturday Georgia football, re-watching criminal minds for the 100th time, and having Sunday dinners with her family.