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We have created an Orange or Purple classification for programs. This is by application only. By default, all teams and programs are classified as Purple. A program may apply for their (OCS ONLY) Allstar Elite, Allstar Prep, and Allstar Novice teams to be considered Orange.

What this means is:
Once we get to 5 teams in an allstar elite, prep, or novice division (Elite – junior level 2 for instance), we will split that division ONLY when there are enough orange teams in OCS to have a minimum of 2 placements on each side of the split (i.e. 5 purple teams and 2 orange teams in Allstar Elite Junior Level 2). Each event is run independently, so some events may have a split and some may not depending on the number of teams in that particular division. Our decision to approve the application is made by each program’s location specifically. This means that we would consider franchise locations as independent gyms, not as a part of a larger network of gyms when it comes to orange program consideration. The orange and/or purple determination will not affect our normal split based on 9 teams in a division. If either orange, purple, or an event that doesn't have that split have more than 9 teams in a division we will split by number of athletes on the team in a way that makes the split the most even amount of teams.

The determination to split a division will be made on the day of the event. National series events do not offer splits of any kind. If you would like to apply for the Orange division, you can do so below